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Por trece razones (in English, 13 Reasons Why, stylized on screen as TH1RTEEN R3ASONS WHY) is an American teen drama-mystery television series produced by Selena Gomez, based on the 2007 novel For Thirteen Reasons by Jay Asher and adapted by Brian Yorkey for Netflix.[2] The plot revolves around a high school student who commits suicide after a series of climactic failures, provoked by select individuals within her school. A box of cassette tapes, recorded by Hannah prior to her suicide, details the thirteen reasons she decided to end her life.

Diana Son and Brian Yorkey are the showrunners of the series.[3][4] The first season, and the special “For 13 Reasons: Beyond Reasons”, were streamed worldwide by the Netflix company on March 31, 2017.

The series received largely positive reviews from high-profile entertainment critics and viewers, who praised its plot and cast, mostly its two leads, Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford.[5] It has also attracted controversy over graphic depictions such as suicide and rape, along with other adult content.

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The third season of For thirteen reasons has already premiered on Neftlix without prior promotion and after the controversy surrounding the censorship of the end of the first, which is now offered with a version of which has been amputated the suicide of Hannah Baker.

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The aim of For thirteen reasons has always been to make visible and create debate in society regarding issues normally silenced as depression or teenage suicide, but this season gets into so many different gardens that begins to give the feeling that what are specific cases, are actually the norm. Even one of the characters verbalizes it, “Hannah’s trial, Bryce’s trial, the false alarm at the spring fling, and now this. It’s too much for one high school.” And that’s just what the viewer thinks.

It wants to cover so much in so little time that it skims over abortion, violent radicalization, recovery therapy, athletes’ testosterone cycles, sexual trauma, court hearings and even incarcerations at cruising speed, making for truly torturous viewing and not at all recommended to be consumed in marathon form.

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After serious controversies since its premiere, even related to the increase in suicide rates among teenagers in the United States, the platform decided to ‘eliminate’ its most controversial scene, making it not so explicit.

‘For thirteen reasons’ has been an undisputed success since its premiere and a social phenomenon, with its defenders and unconditional fans, but also its critics. It is a series that shows without any hindrance real problems such as bullying, the misuse of social networks and the Internet (most of the time with sexual motives), bullying in school playgrounds or high school and youth violence.

The protagonists of this series suffered the consequences of all this, and hatred ended up driving their lives to extreme limits. But in what other series or movies have we seen cases similar to the plot of ’13 Reasons Why’? What other similar stories have made us think or have shaken us with their dose of uncensored reality? Here you have a compilation of 13 (including the protagonist of the article)!

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For thirteen reasons: season 4 spanish trailer hd

Despite the bewilderment of hearing Hannah’s voice again, Clay will discover that there are thirteen reasons why she has decided to take her life, thirteen cassette faces and that, therefore, there are thirteen people who should listen to them. He is one of them.

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