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I always loved cooking but when I started to cook my change was when I started to cook: I changed my diet and I realized that I had to take responsibility for it but I didn’t want to do without the recipes that I liked the most. That’s when I got into the kitchen and started modifying recipes.

I learned the basics of cooking from my grandmother, but I learned about healthy eating from Ana Moreno, although my training goes hand in hand with nutrition. I am a nutritional coach, an expert in natural and holistic food and a future dietician at the Roger de Lluria Institute. Cooking and health go hand in hand. In addition, I have learned a lot by attending cooking courses, researching in the kitchen and reading a lot of books.

From all sides, especially about the most common things. For example, when someone tells me: “Lucía, today I ate a delicious meal”, my head immediately thinks how to make a healthy version of it. I am the queen of substitutes! Why do without something if you can eat the healthy version?

the divine food – fernando paulsen, antonia bosman

Eggs can also have the function, in the absence of gluten, of binding the components and giving them elasticity, in the absence of gluten. But vegan bread does not accept eggs, so let’s get down to work.

As for the seed mixture, in the original recipe it was half sunflower seeds and half pumpkin seeds. At home we have been trying different mixtures and sometimes we have incorporated raisins. Of course, always respecting the measurements.

It is healthier than formulas in which the bread is precooked because it contains only beneficial fats, those provided by the olive oil and those of the seeds of the mixture and the almond flour itself.

“wood is our skin”. : videodance about nature.

It is true that they are less perishable than fresh products, but avoid the temptation to include them in the shopping basket with the false illusion of having something in the pantry in case worse times come. That is not healthy eating.

This way you will avoid eating large quantities or being hungry soon after eating. Among the most satiating foods are legumes, nuts, lean meats, fish, eggs and dairy products.

If you eat bread, rice or pasta, preferably wholemeal. Its composition, rich in slow absorption carbohydrates and fibers will make you feel fuller and will give you energy without causing a glycemia peak, which is what makes us put on weight.

Choose less perishable fruits (apples, oranges, pears…). If you do not have them at hand, opt for fruit packed in its juice. In the case of vegetables, a good option for healthy eating is to opt for frozen and cooked, which facilitates conservation for longer.

wild women: lucía gómez @cocinandoelcambio

This expert in natural and holistic nutrition, is a healthy cooking teacher and has more than 10,000 followers on social networks. In November she will publish her first book on healthy eating.

In this conference, she will focus on the consumption of local organic products, as a way to be connected with the ecosystem and Nature, and also to maintain and take care of the environment. This expert will help with her advice to consider in a simple way the change from a “traditional” diet to a healthy diet, without toxics, thus achieving “the best version of themselves”.

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